Key facts: Café Numérique is about 400 conferences in 19 cities and 1500 speakers.

“Due to a proliferation of conferences during the last five years, even successful conference organizers need to fundamentally rethink their entire conference experience to deliver greater perceived value and return on investment. This requires revitalization and rethinking of education and networking and community building within the context of the meeting itself.” BullsEyereSources

Café Numérique starts with this idea of promoting Technology and Innovation to everyone. It started with a bunch of geeks gathering every week in a bar (in Brussels, BE) to exchange experiences and knowledge. Then other cities came along and created other chapters. Sense of purpose around the same mission has built a strong community.

About 1.8 Million of conferences happening every year in the US (cfr. Convention Industry Council). Tech events cover a growing part of these events. In New York City, about 25 tech event are organised every day.

Then, what makes Café Numérique unique from other tech events?

Café Numérique is deeply connected with its belgian origin. Tech events between the Bar & the Conference has been the baseline since the beginning. Because Café Numérique is about Educational content and Networking experience at the same time. Furthermore, Café Numérique events make the best use of technology to deliver great interactivity between attendees (with SaaS product such as TweetWall Pro). In short, Café Numérique stands out because it’s all about:

  • creating a unique experience

  • building relationships before, during, and after events

  • having smaller, shorter, more intimate and more interactive gatherings

  • happening regularly with a new tech-related theme + new venue every time.

Café Numérique chose the Big Apple to launch the very first chapter in the US. The 1st event will happen on September 23rd at TOWN, LaGuardia Place, Greenwich Village. Access is free and open to everyone. The New York chapter can count on a very talented team with: Julie Govaert, Aida Kalanderi and Luis Mercado.


The theme of the 1st event is “Digital Nomads”. Seats are free but limited, get your ticket here!

Café Numérique New York City S01#01

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