Cafe Numerique

Tech events between the Bar & the Conference

Our misson

Learn, Network, Enjoy

Café Numérique’s mission is to promote new tech and innovations to the largest number possible in informal atmosphere.

Where we’ve started

Between the Bar & the Conference

Café Numérique is a growing tech community that started in Belgium, EU. Café Numérique organizes tech events in an informal atmosphere we like to describe as tech events between the Bar and the Conference.

How we do it

Pick a topic. Organize anywhere. Do it often.

For doing so, we organize meetups which are free and open to anyone. Café Numérique regularly brings together techies from any kind of industries: Art, Health, Education, Entertainment, Business, etc. Café Numérique events happen in any kind of venues.

The Value of Organizing a Cafe Numerique

Learn, Network and Enjoy!

Become Tech Ambassador

Play a vital role in building startup culture and creating impact in your community

Build your Network

Build an unprecedented network of colleagues, supporters, and friends


Join our fast-growing community of passionate organizers around the globe.

Generate new Opportunities

This is exactly what happens when connecting with industry leaders.

What It Takes

Every event is operated semi-autonomously, with all aspects of the event
being planned and executed by a team of local Organizers.

  1. Building a team

  2. Choosing topics related to tech

  3. Reaching out to speakers

  4. Planning suitable dates and venues to host the meetups

  5. Promoting the event to the community

We provide ongoing support to each Event’s Organizing Team throughout the event planning process, from systems management, advice on best practices, facilitating connections, and more.

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It’s always a pleasure to welcome new organizers since the Tech Community is growing everywhere in the galaxy (March is next). Fill out the form below to enter our selection process. We would love to meet you between the bar and the conference!

It's a great way to make your Café Numérique more sustainable


They love Cafe Numerique

Our partners

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