On the 28th of October, Café Numérique invites you to attend to a conference organised by Mundaneum and Google in Mons for the 30th anniversary of Internet. The conference will take place at « Le Manège Theatre » starting at 19:30.


Café Numérique have a special deal for you: 25 seats for the conference : Register right here. Learn, Network, Enjoy!

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Here are more details about the conference, from Mundaneum website.

1983-2013: In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Internet, the Mundaneum and Google invite you to a special celebration! Vinton Cerf (USA), is globally known as one of the fathers of the Internet. On January 1st, 1983, the TCP /IP protocol was officially adopted, making it possible to connect computers all over the world. In only 30 years, the Internet has become the first interface for global communication. This idea of accessing information inspired the founders of the Mundaneum tAt Le Manège Theatreheir entire lives. In fact, almost one century before its creation, Paul Otlet and Henri LaFontaine developped the « Paper Internet.«  Vint Cerf is founder of the Internet society, and today he works as Vice-President for Google where he also serves as Chief Internet Evangelist. Last June, he received the « Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering » from the Queen herself. The distinction honored five pioneers of the Internet, among them Bob Kahn from the USA and Louis Pouzin from France. On an interactive platform, Vint Cerf will engage in a question and answer game with the public, focusing on the debate of the future of the Internet, its global governance, access to the Internet in countries like China, Syria or Iran, and also the investments made by Google at a local level.

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